Use your tpe sex doll to help win your lottery

Before and after Christmas, Wang Lin want to buy their own lottery tickets, he can be said to pay special attention in this regard, because the university to work when the purchase is very serious. So now their own money in the natural time of entertainment can also buy a few notes. But how to choose the number when it makes him very difficult. Until you see their own physical skeleton dolls, only know how to do it. Because this doll is a rotating skeleton, so after seeing you can recognize the rotation it can point to where, so through the choice of such a number, really let him have a method.
Speaking of Wang Lin and the tpe sex doll story can be said to be very memorable, his family already has three children, but his wife died to middle age, so he is also very sad, and just a friend in a The platform to buy a doll to give their own, so every day life and this doll together. The purchase of lottery is no way, so also want to use this to accompany their long doll to help themselves win a very good breakthrough. The final result will naturally come out, even get the second prize, which makes the whole family are happy for him.
When the day of the award, Wang Lin is also with the tpe sex dolls go together, showing a very excited mood, back to the tpe sex doll to buy more things, can be said to be particularly careful care, in the eyes of others , He can do this is also very easy, it is difficult that someone can do such a good harvest

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